Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an appointment?
  • Can I drop my items off and come back later?
  • What sells best?
  • How can I make the most money?
  • How do I get paid?
  • No appointment needed! Come in anytime during our resale hours. Please allow 15 minutes to one hour for us to review your items. If you’re in a rush, you don’t have to wait for us to review. You can drop off and come back later the same day!

  • Yes, you can. You can drop off your items but don’t forget to come back later to pick up your cash/credit and the items that we didn’t take. Please allow a few minutes to fill out paperwork if this is your first time selling with us.

  • Our customers are looking for men’s and women’s adult sizes in excellent condition. They love contemporary and unique designer brands. Trendy vintage sells well too! Business attire, swimsuits, undergarments, bodysuits and basic athletic clothing don’t sell (designer athletic wear does do well). We are always looking for jewelry, handbags, accessories and shoes. We do not take children’s clothes.

  • A good rule of thumb is to bring in your ready to sell pieces that your friends would want. If it is damaged, stained, pilled or has an odor - donate it. As much as we love our furry friends, please make sure everything is free of pet hair.

    We selectively buy items based on season, style, condition and customer demand. Please bring your freshly laundered items in one or two tote bags (no hangers, trash bags or boxes please!).

  • We give you cash or store credit once we’ve reviewed your clothes. We keep track of your store credit for you and it never expires!